Friday, July 26, 2013

Pictures from Honduras #2

The trip to Honduras could not have been accomplished without the participating, administration, translation, and humbleness of the local pastors which we ministered. This post will show the churches which I went to and the pastors of those churches. I was honored to preach in a couple of these churches. The description will be under the pictures. (click picture for larger image):

First, from right to left is Noel, my translator for the week, Pastor Jorge Duran, the main partner of WHBI in Honduras, and me. Pastor Jorge organizes all the groups and the continually recruits new pastors to participate. He is an excellent leader and administrator all while being a very humble person. Noel has an incredible command of both Spanish and English and is well versed in theological language in both languages. Without these two men, I could not have been able to minister in Honduras. Pastor Jorge leads Mt. Horeb Baptist Church in La Ceiba.

From left to right, this is Pastor Juan Rivera and Pastor Jorge Duran. Pastor Juan leads Eternal Life Baptist Church in Olanchito. This is the church where we held the Bible Institute. He was very gracious to let us use his building. He sat in all the classes as well and received a certificate. He led us in singing and has a great voice. He made sure we had everything we needed, including the food for lunch. This man of God does a great job shepherding in Olanchito.
Here is the building Pastor Juan's church meets in.
The man in the middle is Pastor Moises. He is the pastor of River of Living Water Baptist Church in Olanchito. He is a busy man. He has four mission churches and he led the group from 2nd Baptist, Houston all week. He took them to schools, put them on his weekly T.V. show, had them share in different churches throughout the community, and basic ran them ragged. He always has a smile on his face and was trying hard to communicate with us.
This is the church building where Pastor Moises church meets to worship.
I had the honor of preaching at Pastor Moises' church on Sunday morning (7.21.13). Additionally, one of the Bible Institutes I taught at last year was held here. This is Noel and I sharing on Sunday. I preached on the Temptation of Jesus.
This is Pastor Adrian Stoddard on the right. Noel is translating into English for us gringos. Pastor Adrian pastors Living Word Church located in El Pino, just outside La Ceiba. I was not able to get to know him very much as we were not there for very long.

This is Pastor Adrian's church building where he and his church worship. It is a new building recently built by WHMI. The building was there but WHMI put up the bricks and enclosed the building. There is still some work to be done to it but it is coming along.

 Sunday night (7.21.13) I had the privilege to bring the message to Pastor Adrian's congregation. Here Noel is translating for me as I preached John 10:1-11 where Jesus tells us that He is the Gate or the Door.  

The group from 2nd Baptist, Houston, did some dramas and preached at a church on Saturday evening (7.20.13). They went to Rivers of Living Water Church in Olanchito (which is a different church from the one mentioned above but I think it is a mission of Pastor Moises' church). The pastor is Pastor Luis, above in the blue shirt. I remembered Pastor Luis from the Institute last year but was not able to be the Institute this year.

Here is the church were Pastor Luis serves. You can see him talking with Noel in the bottom right corner of the picture. You can see Pastor Moises on the left side.
Finally, this is Noel and me. I told him I cannot even imagine what goes on in his head. One minute he is listening to English and translating it to Spanish and then the next he is hearing Spanish and translating it to English. He told me all we that him and I were "Chained and Bound," that is, I assume he was told to make sure I was never without a translator. He always had me laughing, like here in the picture. Noel is 70 and still goes to check up on his mom whenever he can (who has to be 90 or more!). He made sure I didn't eat anything I shouldn't, he drove us, he always made me sit in the front seat of the van, he translated, and just made the trip very enjoyable.
These men work hard for the Gospel of Christ and are making a different in the Kingdom of God in Honduras. They are seeing people coming to Christ and they are discipling them to not only become mature Christians but to go and plant new churches. I have respect for each of these guys.
More pictures to come..