Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pictures from Honduras #3

I was not in Honduras alone. I actually tagged along with a group from Second Baptist Church from Houston. They were from a small group of singles in their church and several were on the trip from last year, so I recognized several of them. They did evangelism in Olanchito with Pastor Moises (see previous post). They did this through dramas, songs, testimonies, and preaching. Here are some pictures of this great group (click picture for larger image):

This is the group from Second Baptist, along with some extras. From left to right, it is Craig, who actually works for World Hope and is not from the same church but served with the group all week, Donya, who was one of the group's translators and lives in La Ceiba, Kelsey, Jennie, Celia, Pastor Moises (see previous post), Sondra, Kelley, Shafie, Claudia, Carol, David, and Matt. They all participated in some way through the week either in a drama, testimony, song, or something. They worked hard all week. They went to schools during the day and churches during the night. On Saturday, Pastor Moises took the group to the T.V. station where he has his show each week.
This was the set up on the T.V. station. It was what you would expect of a T.V. station in any country. I met a young man there name Samuel who showed me around the place while the group was doing their thing. It was neat to see the behind-the-scenes of the station.

This is Kelsey doing "The Sin Box." The Devil, played by Shafie, comes out with a box of sin, or Pecado in Spanish, and the girl jumps in and has fun in her box of sin. She soon finds out she is stuck in sin and cannot get out. Several people try to help her but cannot get her unstuck. Finally, a child introduces her to Jesus and brings her out of sin and into a relationship with him. It is great little skit to show how sin can trip us up and only Jesus can take care of that sin.

Here is another skit but I never really saw it. I just saw this part of the skit and not sure exactly what the message of the skit is. Here, they are obviously crucifying Jesus. Matt is playing Jesus.

Donya, one of the group's translators, Kelsey, and Jennie are singing a song. I don't remember which song it was here but they sang it in English and then Spanish. I like Kelsey's ukulele!
The group performed Lifehouse's Everything Drama (if you have not seen it, you can Google it and watch it - a lot of churches do it - it is a very powerful skit). It shows a girl's relationship with Christ being hindered by many of the things of the world. Eventually, she is tempted to end her life. She chooses against that and attempts to get to Jesus however she can but the worldly influences make it impossible. Eventually, Jesus comes to her. Here, Jesus is keeping all the negative influences from influencing the young lady. Then, Jesus throws off all the influences and resumes His relationship with the young lady. It is a powerful skit and this group did a great job with it.
Several from the group also gave testimonies throughout the week. Each of them were very well spoken and had powerful testimonies of how God not only worked in their life in the past, but is working in their life now. This group was a dynamo. They continued to minister and when they were asked a moments notice to perform again, they did so with no complaints. I pray that their time in Olanchito will yield a great harvest for the Kingdom of God.
More pictures to come...