Monday, July 15, 2013

Get Set...

Today I traveled to Houston and am staying the night to meet the rest of the group Tuesday morning. It is my understanding we will all be on the same flight down to Honduras. I am not thrilled about getting off the plane in Houston, getting my bags, finding the hotel shuttle, sleeping, checking in tomorrow morning, going through security...again..., and then flying down, but I am just trying to think of it as another adventure. After all, I was the one who chose this itinerary instead of flying to Houston on Tuesday morning from Denver to make a 9:00 AM flight to Honduras.

The trip to Houston went smooth. It took me 54 minutes from the time I parked my car to get to my gate. I was happy about that. The flight went well. The seat next to me was empty so I just read my book. When I landed I found the shuttle for my hotel and got to my room with no problem.

Overall, for a travel day it was somewhat uneventful...which I really like!

If you are wondering why I am posting the mundane, it is because I have a more and more difficult time remembering things and I want a record. So I post here to help me remember.

So, tomorrow, I am off to the airport, flying to Honduras, and driving to La Ceiba. I will post tomorrow about it. Keep praying, please. I have already felt the benefit from it.