Thursday, July 04, 2013

Honduras Mission...Again

In ten days, I will be off to Honduras again for a mission trip (to see information regarding my last mission to Honduras, you can click the Honduras 2012 label or the Missions label). I will be doing essentially the same thing except that I will only be going to Olanchito. The map below shows last year's itinerary but Olanchito is one of the cities circled. We will still fly into San Pedro Sula and then drive to La Ceiba and eventually make our way to Olanchito where we will stay for about 8 days (we have not planned to go to Tocoa this year).  (click picture to see a larger image).

While in Honduras I will be doing the same thing I did last year except only in Olanchito. That is, I will be train pastors and church leaders through theological education. Specifically, I will be teaching "Introduction to Orthodoxy", which is a very short Systematic Theology class, and "Doctrine of the Holy Spirit." Each class is four hours for three days so, with a translator, the students get about 9 to 10 hours instruction for each class.
Last year I shared my teaching responsibilities with Mike Patterson, who was pastor of First Baptist Church, Lorena, Texas at the time, which was a real joy for me. This year, I will be the only instructor so I will be teaching 8 hours a day for 3 days. Additionally, I will be preaching in Olanchito on Sunday morning (and maybe evening?).
I am really looking forward to investing in these eager students. Many of them have pastored for a lot longer than I have. Some of the students walk for an hour to get to the classes. All of them sit with ready ears and with a lot of grace as I speak through a translator. Every one of them are blessing to me and even now thinking about it fills me with humility to be able to help them in each of their ministries.
Please pray for me and I will work very hard to give updates on this blog as I am in Honduras. I hope to have a few "Funniest Thing I Heard Today" while I am on the trip, so look for those, too.