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Flawed to Fruitful: Hope for Men

Have you ever felt that God could never use you to further His kingdom on earth? Do you feel that because of your past or your present failures that you cannot be useful to Christ and His plan for your life? This retreat/conference with show what Jesus can do with a  man whose heart wants to do His will.

Each session takes a closer look at man from Scripture and shows that Christ overcomes the flaws found commonly in men. These flaws do not have to sideline men but through Jesus Christ's work in men's life, they can be fruitful for the Kingdom of God. The six sessions are:

  • Flawed by anger: Fruitful by God's grace
  • Flawed by fear: Fruitful by God's Spirit
  • Flawed by lust: Fruitful by God's mercy
  • Flawed by depression: Fruitful by God's presence
  • Flawed by inconsistency: Fruitful by God's power
  • Flawed to Fruitful: Hope for men
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