Sunday, July 21, 2013

Honduras: Day 6

Today I finished my ministry in Honduras. I haven't posted because I haven't had the time. I finished the theological classes on Friday afternoon. That was a half a day earlier than I anticipated but the pastor of the host church said he had advertised that it would finish Friday and he would look bad otherwise. So I made sure I cover all the information by Friday. At the end of the day, we handed out 42 certificates to students who finished both classes.

Saturday, I spent the morning resting and then between 2 and 4 PM I went with the Houston team to a local television station in Olanchito. They performed their dramas and gave some testimonies and some were interviewed, along with myself. They had a great set up there. A young man who works there named Samuel came up to me and we began to talk. He showed me around the station and was real nice.

Saturday night we went to Iglesias Rios de Agua Viva (Rivers of Living Water Church). The pastor there was at the the Olanchito Bible Institute last year. The Houston group did a drama and a song and a testimony and Craig preached. It was a good service.

Today, we all went to Pastor Moises church, Iglesias Agua Viva (Living Water Church). The group again did a drama and a song and a testimony but this time I preached on Matthew 4:1-11, which is the temptation of Jesus. The drama was called "The Sin Box" and showed getting stuck in sin. The sermon went well with it, I believe. At the end of the service, Pastor Moises gave us each a certificate which showed their appreciation for our work around Olanchito. We left Olanchito for La Ceiba after church.

This evening, the group was split in two and half went to a church where Craig preached and half went to another church where I preached. I preached on John 10:7-10, which is where Jesus said "I am the Gate." We were El Pino, I think and the church was Iglesias Palabra Viva (Living Word Church). Pastor Adrian Was the pastor there. The evening went well.

After dinner we got to the hotel late. Tomorrow is a free day. The Houston group is doing something tomorrow but I told them I am hanging out at the Hotel. I am looking forward to going home.

It has been a good trip. I felt like I accomplished the big thing I set out to do down here, which is to teach the pastors whom God sent to the classes. I handed out index cards to the students and asked them for any comments to help me improve. They all wrote something. I look forward to getting those back from world hope. Unfortunately, I was not able to accomplish my second goal for coming and that was for healing and refreshment. But I am going to attempt to accomplish that some tomorrow.

Spanish phrases learned while here (may not be spelled correctly but I can say them)

Todos la comida es racisima

Dios te bendiga

Buenos dias mi hermanos e mi hermanas. Me llamo es Rolland e yo soy pastor de Colorado.



Unknown said...

Just catching up....sorry I didn't read along as you traveled. Sounds like an amazing trip

Rolland said...

Pictures will be coming when I get home. Hope you all are well.