Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Secret of History

It is amazing to me how you can read all about someone or something in history. I am not referring only to my previous post to Roger Williams. Today I was reading about the family who started the Cadbury Chocolate company. A man named John Cadbury and his brother Benjamin founded the company in England. John son's sons Richard and George continued to make the company a success. Most of us have had a Cadbury Egg at Easter or a Cadbury chocolate bar. They are great. But, as Paul Harvey says, here is "the reesstt of the story."

Richard had a daughter named Helen who started a ministry called The Pocket Testament League and was committed to giving out New Testaments to those who needed to hear the Gospel. She first became convicted of this at a worship service she attended with her father, who, again, ran the Cadbury chocolate factory. However, you will never read that anywhere except in Christian circles.

This is just one little story. Almost all of history is filled with stories like this that one will never hear unless one digs for it. Perhaps we should always be asking the queswtion "What is the story we are not hearing?" when we read any historical story - if we are not already.

I know this is not an earthshattering insight. I know that every aspect of every story could not be told. But it just seems like when there is an integral aspect of understanding a historical figure deliberately omitted then those who deal in the currency of truth must step up and find out what the real story is and let as many as possible know about it.

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