Tuesday, June 12, 2007

2008 Movies or GEEKFEST!

It is probably old news but I found out that there are some cool movies coming out in 2008. Here is a list of those that I would not mind seeing in the theater:

Speed Racer - A live version of the cartoon. I loved that show. Below is shot of the Mach 5. Matthew Fox of Lost is going to be Racer X.

Star Trek XI - J.J. Abrams, the director of Lost, will be directing this movie (I see a theme here). Apparently, it will star James T. Kirk but it is rumored he will be played by Matt Damon. I sure like those Star Trek Movies.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - This is second book in the Naria series (that is, second as Lewis wrote them). My daughter and I are both excited about this movie.

Dark Knight - Which, of course, is another Batman movie in the vein of Batman Begins. Christian Bale will play Batman again and apparently he will fight a villian simply known as the Joker. Hmmmm.

X-Men 4 - With no official website, I do not know anything about this movie, but it is an X-Men movie.

Wolverine - I do not know what this movie is about either, but of the X-Men, he is the coolest.

While there are many more movies coming out in 2008, these are the few that I would like to see in the theater. I know most of these prove how big a geek I truly am but I cannot help it. SciFi and Hero movies are my weakness.


Kimberly said...

Hey Pastor Kenneson, I hope you dont mind I came upon your blog. I am a Lake Mead Baptist, also a Blogger fan! we look forward to meeting you.
My husband and I are true Batman fans as well! Batman has to keep his eye on the rest of the "super hero" clan. As he is the only man with no special power, besides inginuity (sorry no spell check on comment)

Rolland said...

Hi Kimberly! My family and I are really looking forward to meeting you all as well. We are leaving tomorrow and are really anticipating a great time.

As for Batman, I absolutely agree. The best thing about Batman is that he is regular guy. But like a said, I am bit of a geek when it comes to that kind of stuff. :)

Thanks for leaving a post. I will see you in a few days.

Kimberly said...

http://mvdsl.com/ this is the Overton/Logandale home page or web site ect...

Remember its a dry heat!