Thursday, June 28, 2007

Overton Update

Well...We heard from the church in Nevada this week. They decided to pursue another individual. I am not sure why but whatever the reason I am no longer a candidate at that church. So, my family and I are continuing to pray for God's direction.

Our time out there was really nice. We saw some great sites. We saw Hoover Dam which is an remarkable feat of engineering. It was amazing looking over that wall and see this gigantic dam which harnesses the Colorado River to power a lot of the southwest. If you have a chance to go see it, it is worth stopping and spending some time there.

We saw the Valley of Fire. This is like Garden of Gods on steroids. These incredible red-rock formations were fun to climb around and beautiful to view. As my new friend Kim informed me, part of Star Trek: Generations was filmed there (the scenes where they were on the planet where Picard and Kirk fight the bad guy played by Malcolm McDowell). Anyway, we all had fun running around that park.

We saw the Lost City Museum. We saw the Las Vegas strip (which is not really my thing, but it was pretty impressive). It was a very nice trip.

We also met some really great people. The church we visited treated us very well. They were very friendly. It is a wonderful little church and the man God has prepared for them will be greatly blessed. While my family and I are very disappointed but we know that God has a place for us to serve that will be exactly where He wants us to be.

So in the mean time, as I said, we will continue to pray for God’s guidance and continue to serve where we are currently. Isn’t the Christian life a fun adventure!


Mark said...

Well, I am sorry for you in one sense and happy in another. Meaning that God has something better prepared. As we discussed preciously, waiting can be the pits if we allow it to be or we can continue to serve, draw closer to God and be prepared.