Sunday, August 12, 2007

Resume Distribution

As I indicated in an earlier post, I am back to square one in my search for where God would have me serve. I began to think about the places I have sent my resume and the many great people I have met in my search.

For those who do not know, the search for a pastor is a unique exercise. Each church is attempting to ascertain God's will for the future of their body. Each minister also is continually seeking God's best for his family and the ministry. Therefore, it is not just a examination of a resume or a comparison of differing personalities (or, at least it is shouldn't be). It is in fact an intense time of seeking God.

Because of the spiritual aspect of searching for a pastor, the process sometimes seems to move at glacial speeds. In my experience, from the time I submit a resume to the time an interested church gives me some kind of a response is ususally somewhere between four to six months. So beginning at square not exactly a exciting proposition.

Nevertheless, I continue to search for where God would have me serve. Because this has been on my mind, I began to think of all the places that I have submitted my resume. Some of these places have sent me a kind response telling me that they are searching for someone else. Some places I have had interviews and visits to the churches where I met with the people and preached for them. A few places have not responded to me at all.

I have gone through the places I have submitte my resume this year (2007) and a couple from last year. CLICK HERE to see the map. The blue pins are educational institutions to which I submitted my resume. The red pins are State Conventions or Associations where I sent my resume for various reasons. The green pins are churches I have sent my resume.

This map does not show the places the I have talked with over the last couple of years; only the 2007 year. You can click on the pin for information.

Please keep praying that God will clearly show me exactly where He would have me serve.


Kimberly said...

They funniest thing i heard, Yesterday we where at the Valley of Fire, we wanted to go home because it was so Hot and the boys wanted to stay. So I said lets come back next Sunday later in the afternoon it wont be so hot. Porter (who is 7) said, we shouldn't come back on a Sunday because its SUN day so its hotter, we should come back another day.
It was funny, because he meant it.

Rolland said...

That is funny. I thought everyone knew SUNday was always hotter than every other day. Why else would it be called SUNday. Kids are great, aren't they.