Monday, August 20, 2007

Martin Marty's Martin Luther

I finished my book on Martin Luther today. Here is the specifics:

Title: Martin Luther
Author: Martin Marty
Year: 2004
Pages: 199
Cover: -->

This book was a nice summary on the life of Luther. Broken up four chapters, the book covers the major periods of Martin Luther's life:

Chapter 1: The Hunger for Certainty, 1483-1519
Chapter 2: Defining the Life of Faith, 1520-1525
Chapter 3: Living the Faith, 1525-1530
Chapter 4: The Heart Grown Cold, the Faith More Certain, 1530-1546

Marty Martin does a good job of showing the humanity of Martin Luther. Sometimes, because of him impact on history, many forget that Luther was a man with all too human appetites and desires. In fact, my favorite part of the book was when the author describes Luther's joyous relationship with his wife Katherine. Marty Martin says:
"Martin could speak ironic terma of Katherine as one who ruled over him, because she so well governed the household. His letters often included joshing and terms of endearment. Taking off from comments on biblical patriarchs and their fondling of spouses--Isaac relating to Rebekah was a case in point--Luther wrote that 'with the woman who has been joined to me by God I may jest, have fun, and converse more pleasantly.'"

It was an overall nice read. Good for a basic overview of Luther's life. To read a complete review of this book, click here.
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