Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Apparently, FIFTH Time's a Charm

In my previous posts (here and here) I have chronicled my adventure in fixing my Nissan 200SX. Actually, the posts were more about me waiting for the AC Compressor from the part store than the actually fixing of the car. The four hour job turned into a seven day job. The part store actually had to reorder the part FIVE TIMES! However, I was patient and after much trouble, which I will not detail here, I finally installed the part. Rita is up and kicking again.

Things I learned:

• The location of the pully adjustments to install the belts on my car. This made the job much easier than last time I removed the belts, as you may imagine.

• A part store in town I did not know about who will do whatever they can to obtain what I need to get my car working.

• How patient I can be installing the same part several time and then removing that part and taking it back to the part store.

• There are times I wish I had more money than time.

• I am getting too old to be crawling under a car all day and not feel it the next.

• My time table is rarely on God's timetable. I am not sure why I needed to not be driving my car the last week but I am sure it is the best thing for me.

• I am sure there is more but I will stop there.

Now that this burden is off my mind and I can focus on other things, I will begin to post more spiritually rewarding posts in the future. I am planning to post on some different topics: my leading our Sunday School class in the study of Genesis, some thoughts on perparing a sermon, perparing for a religious pilgrimage class, attempting to bolster PPBI enrollment, and things like that. Right now, I am just thankful that the garage is cleaned up, and we are back to being a two car family, and my car is put back together and running.