Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What The Students Are Saying

In a previous post, I mentioned the annual report for Pikes Peak Bible Institute. I included the following student testimonials in the report. This is what they say about PPBI.

By taking the courses that have been offered through PPBI, I am able to achieve the goal of having a BA degree… The thought of me progressing in the ministry was a near impossibility with my current career and family responsibilities. However, the study time and sacrifices that need to be made for me to go to PPBI are now done without relocating my family to another state. Bill M.

As an ordained minister in our denomination, I am thankful for PPBI for providing much needed education and training. As a father and husband, I appreciate the low cost of such quality education. Juan R.

The courses I have taken at PPBI have equipped me to better teach Sunday School at my church. They have also opened my eyes to the reality that every Christian needs to be adequately prepared to present a well-reasoned and articulated message of the gospel of Jesus Christ to our unbelieving society. Kevin G.

PPBI has been such a blessing! Being able to go to school here in Colorado Springs and study the Bible is great. This school has brought a better understanding of the Bible, Christian faith, and the Baptist denomination. For a person who wants to learn more about God, PPBI is a true blessing. God has used PPBI to reveal more about himself to me, and nothing can compare to a deeper relationship with our Lord. Kevin R.

I have been able to work on my degree wile keeping a full time job, raising two teens, and serving as an elder and leader at my church. I could not have been able to work towards my degree if it were not for PPBI and their convenient classes. The classes have helped me better prepare for the ministry. They have been very useful in the service of my church. Lonnie H.