Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Honduras Update

I have received a few updates regarding my trip to Honduras. First, the schedule for the entire trip has changed. If you have read my previous post on the details of my Honduras trip you would know that I was original scheduled to teach at 3 cities over 10 days. The institute scheduled for San Pedro Sula was canceled due to some sort of scheduling conflict in Honduras (still not sure what happened there). So, I will be traveling for 8 days and teaching at two institutes.

Second, I will be teaching hermeneutics, or, how to study the bible. That is one of my favorite subjects to teach and I am really looking forward to teaching it. I was able to work on my lessons today and got through a couple of sessions. I will need a few more days to get all the material ready and I will need to do that soon as my departure date is getting closer.

Third, I found out that there will be 35 pastors at the Olanchito institute and 25 pastors at the Tocoa institute. I was also told that the numbers could fluctuate 25% in either direction. I am excited to invest in at least 60 Honduran pastors. One pastor ministers to many people so even invested in one pastor multiplies quickly and if you multiply that by 60 this trip becomes a pretty intense endeavor.

Fourth, it looks like my schedule will look something like this:

Saturday I will travel to Honduras.
Sunday - I will be preaching in  La Ceiba (you can find it on the map from the previous post.)

Monday - I will teach morning and afternoon classes
Tuesday - My teaching partner will teach morning and afternoon
Wednesday - I will teach morning and my partner will teach afternoon

Wednesday evening we will travel to Tocoa.

Thursday - My partner will teach morning class and I will teach the afternoon class
Friday - My partner will teach both morning and afternoon class
Saturday - I will teach both morning and afternoon classes

Sunday I will travel back to America.

Finally, I have begun taking my Typhoid meds which should immunize me for 5 years against Typhoid (Yikes! Let's hope thats not a problem). I will begin my Malaria medication right before I leave.

So, things are progressing. I need to get my material all prepared and I need to think about packing. I am trying not to be nervous. Please pray for me that God will prepare my heart for whatever ministry He has prepared for me.