Friday, May 25, 2012

Preparing for Honduras

owieI went to the doc's today and I got my vaccinations and prescriptions I need for traveling to Honduras. I got the first of two Hepatitis A shots, a Tetanus shot, and prescriptions for Malaria that I will have to take daily while I am in Honduras, for Typhoid which I will have to take before I leave, and then one more prescription for an antibiotic in case I I say "stomach problems" while I am there.

I was expecting the Malaria pills but the others surprised me. The doc was trying to talk me into getting a polio booster as well. I was not really interested in that. The CDC recommends adult who are traveling to other countries where polio is still around to get a polio booster but I did not want to do that. I think I will be fine.

The pharmacy did not have the Malaria or the Typhoid meds so they will be in Tuesday. I figure out when I need to start them according to that schedule.
I know if you are world traveler, this is all "old hat" to you but it was my first time getting all these shots and prescriptions. Makes me thankful for living in a time where these treatments are readily available. It also makes me think of what it would take to bring these meds to the nations struggling with these diseases and make them as safe as I am in my little world.

I know there are all kinds of campaigns to fix this problem; like the mosquito nets to reduce the spread of malaria: Worldvision and Bite Back and Nothing But Nets and MEDA and so on (I have not checked out these non-profit sites so I am not endorsing them). There are many who are fighting for this cause. It just makes me think I could be doing more.

I am so looking forward to spending time in Honduras. I will send more information as it comes


Anonymous said...

Will check back soon about your trip! Have a happy, safe and worthwhile trip! :)

-c.owen said...

I'm glad for your mention of these charities here, I have huge respect for anything that brings awareness to things like this.


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