Friday, February 12, 2010

More than Gold 2010 - Vancouver: Days 1-3

I am on a mission trip to Vancouver, B.C. to reach out to those attending the Olympics. I left on Feb 8 and are here with 26 people from two associations in our state. Here is a picture of our group (click on the picture for a larger image):

We traveled for two days (two FULL days) and arrived in Vancouver on Feb. 9. On Wednesday, we we traveled around the public transportation to get used to traveling on public transportation, to get used to engaging people on the trains, and to see the city. Here are some of the things we saw (click on the picture for a larger image):

This is the building where the Russian athletes are staying (at least that is my understanding). You can see that they are already gearing up for 2014 winter Olympics.

I was able to engage several people throughout the day about our mission there. I gave one lady the More Than Gold pin which explains the message of salvation. Because the train was coming I had to leave somewhat quickly but I left here with the pin and the explanation.

On Thursday, we had More Than Gold orientation all day. However, we took a break because the torch was being passed right in front of the building. The mayor of Vancouver was the one carrying the torch and he passed it to someone else. Here he is (click on the picture for a larger image):

There at the torch passing, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police where there. I have always thought they look sharp in their uniforms (Click on the picture for a larger image):

After this, we went back inside and got a picture with a torch (it was not the one being carried. Here is Rhonda and I.

The first bus I took on Thursday, there was a young lady named Margarita. I began talking with her and asked her if she had any "spiritual inclinations." She was Russian Orthodox. I shared a pin with her and went through the plan of salvation with her. Right when I finished, we had to get off. I do not if she did receive Christ but she heard the message and has the card explaining it to her. I am praying that the seed will be harvested later by someone.

I know the above may not seem like missions but we begin our missions tonight. Rhonda and I will be working from about 6 pm to 12:30 am. We will be working the rest of the week in different parts of the city. I will keep update and my time and straight allow.

Please be praying for us that we would see God increase His Kingdom in Vancouver.


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