Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Third Time's a...Pain!

In a previous post, I mentioned some problems I was having with my little Nissan 200SX. I finally was able to begin work on it yesterday. I got the car in the garage and begin tearing it apart. First of, I will mention that it looks like they dropped this engine in from a helicopter because EVERYTHING is so crammed in there you cannot do anything without taking the car half apart. Nevertheless, I took off the tire, the cowlings, and the belts (a major feat in itself) and removed the air conditioner compressor.

It is not like I need an air conditioner right now, since it is something like 27 outside. However, as stated in the previous post, the compressor was hanging up the belt and not allowing the engine to turn over fast enough to start.

I put the new part on and it fit great but the AC lines would not fit into the new compressor. I called the part store and they told me they would have the right one the next morning (meaning today, Wednesday). So, at 9:00 A.M. I headed to the part store to exchange the new compressor with the one they have (I will not mention the part store because of what follows). When we looked at the newly delivered compressor, it was not the same compressor as the one I removed.

"We can have another one here by 1:30," the man said.

So, at 1:30, I made my way to the part store again. We opened the box, and there sat a compressor. It was not the compressor I needed but a compressor nonetheless. It looked like someone at the warehouse had placed the compressor in the wrong box because the box had the right part number on it. However, the compressor had a different part number than the box had.

"We can have another one here by Friday morning, 9:30," the mand said.

On Friday morning, I will make my way down to the parts store and take a look at the forth AC compressor delivered to me and see it if works. If it does, I will have extended a four-hour job into a four-day job.

I thought three was the perfect number.