Saturday, November 10, 2007

Chocolate Biscuits - Take 1

My wife has many allergies which makes it hard for her to eat any pre-prepared food. So instead of getting her chocolates or cookies and things liek that, I try to show her how much I love her by making food for her. Consequently, I am becoming quite the cheif/baker/cook. She bought a cookbook entitled, "Beverly Lewis Amish Heritage Cookbook and in that cookbook is a recipe for plain biscuits that I am getting pretty good at making. However, this evening, I was thinking that I would like to try to make chocolate biscuits, something that I have never heard of before. So, using the plain biscuit recipe as the base, I attempted to create chocolate biscuits with the things Rhonda can eat. Here is my first attempt:

1 cup - sifted flour
2 tsp - baking powder
1/2 tsp - salt
3 tblsp - cocoa
1/2 cup - sugar
4 tblsp - butter
1/2 cup - milk

400° for about 17 minutes (high altitude)

They came out pretty good. They tasted like chocolate cake cookies, but not really biscuits. I think I need to make the following adjustments:
• Increase flour to 1½ or 2 cups. It was pretty sticky trying to get the dough to roll out with a roller.
• Increase baking powder to 2½ or 3 tsp. They did not really rise at all. However, I am assuming that the sugar hinders the rising.

The flavor was good. If anyone out there is a baker and can give me any suggestions, let me know. I do not want a cake but something like a biscuit but chocolate.

That is "Take 1." I will adjust and see what happens.