Friday, October 19, 2007

Yes, I Am A Geek

With new season of television shows starting, I have noticed that I have been watching mostly the sci-fi shows. Now, I realize that I should be watching less T.V. but with the help of TiVo, I can at least watch when I want and so my schedule is not dictated by the networks. Nevertheless, I was glad when the seasons for Stargate Atlantis and Doctor Who started up again. I am loving Eureka. I have noticed NBC is capitalizing on the sci-fi theme (not surprising since they own the Sci-Fi network). I have been enjoying Heroes, Journeyman, and Bionic Woman (sort of). I am even looking forward to the Battlestar Galatica new season (whether I should or not). My point is, I realize I am a science fiction geek.

That is why I was somewhat intrigued when I heard that George Lucas was coming out with a live-action T.V. series based on Star Wars (read the article here). Since half the sci-fi on t.v. is reworked shows from the 70's (Battlestar, Bionic Woman, Doctor Who) and they seem to be a doing a fairly good job with them, perhaps this Star Wars series has a chance.

I realize that in general science fiction shows do not match with my theology. Almost by definition, science fiction rules out the concept of God, especially as Creator, and holds up science as the answer to all of life's problems. The shows usually say, "If we could just develop the technology, we could solve...." and then enter any of life's problems: crime, death, disease, famine, whatever. As a believer, I realize that this is not the case and the answer to these issues is rooted in the saving work of Jesus Christ.

That being said, there is nothing like watching dogfights in space, time traveling, worm holes, robotic/bionic/cybernetic whozewhatis, firefights with lasers/phasers/ray guns/stun guns, and so on.

So, I am sure when it premieres, the ol' Tivo will be set to the new Star Wars series and I will give it a shot. Even if that does make me a geek.


Mark said...

You are not a geek (well, okay, maybe) just because you like sci-fi. What are the other options on TV? There is sex, people thinking about sex, people talking about sex and , well, sex. I hate watching Sunday afternoon football because of the commercials they have on concerning their "sitcoms" which are all sexual-related. Innuendo is out.

Sure, there is sex in sci-fi, but there seems to be more to the plots than that. If you think you are a geek, then I am will join you in geekdom!