Saturday, October 20, 2007

What Else Can You Get For Two Bits?

Last Saturday (Oct. 13) my local Christian bookstore, Born Again Used Books, had an big sidewalk sale. They has 120 boxes full of 25¢ books. I just cannot pass up a 25¢ book so I spend some time meandering through the books to find those books that most will pass over. I think I found some great finds for future use:

Between the Testaments by Charles Pfeiffer, Baker 1963. This looks like a nice book for an overview of the history of the time between Malachi and Matthew. This will be a great tool for research on any New Testament class I may teach. While not related to this book, here is a nice PDF file about the Intertestamental times. Click Here. Price: 25¢.

The Burden of Søren Kierkegaard by Edward John Carnell, Eerdmans 1965. "An inquiry into two major themes in Kierkegaard's theology: "existential living" and "truth is subjectivity" by a conservative theologian." (quote from this bibliography). All I know about Kierkegaard is that his theology is existential in nature and I thought it would be good to read up on him.Price: 25¢.

Rediscovering the Parables by Joachim Jeremias, SCM Press 1966. This seems to be a somewhat influential book in regards to the interpretation of the parables. In fact, this article's abstract seems to indicate most biblical interpreters today have been influenced by this book. Price: 25¢.

Dogmatics in Outline by Karl Barth, Harper & Row 1966. This looks like a good introductory book to understand Barth and his theology. I have been wanting to dig in a little deeper to Barthian theology, so this will be a good start. Here is an article about this book. Price: 25¢.

Christian Excellence: Alternative to Success by Jon Johnston, Baker 1985. This is a topic I believe needs to be revisited over and over again. In our Western culture, the success syndrome has infected the church. Here is an article related to the topic of this book. Price: 25¢.

The diddy says, "Shave and haircut - two bits." Last weekend, I did not get a shave and a haircut but I did purchase some great finds for two bits. Not a bad trade.


Mark said...

Wow! I guess I didn't look close enough because I found nothing!

Rolland said...

I went there first on Friday and looked around the boxes they had. They had several boxed in the front of the store and I picked up few things then.

Then I received an email from them talking about 120 boxes of books. I went again with a friend on Saturday and realized they had boxes that literally wrapped around the building. I am not sure if you saw those boxes but that is where I found most of these.

Anyway, I really enjoying buying interesting books for cheap.