Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July 4th Outreach

My church had their July 4th Outreach Event today (strangely enough). Overall, it went well. As the leader of the event, I have to take responsibility for the areas that "fell through the cracks." Our publicity just did not get done. We did some but nowhere near what I would have liked. I think this was probably the thing that hindered our outreach the most. However, the best we could figure, we had anywere from 120-150 people show up. I would have liked to see about double that, but this is the first year we did held this event and so it was a good inaugural event.

Some friends from church brought a girl who was in the church I previously pastored (1995-1999). When I was her pastor, she was Pre-K to the 2nd grade. She told me today she will be a Sophomore. MAN...I'm old! She has really blossomed into a beautiful young lady. Jessica and her hung around together most of the day. They both remember each other from when they were young.

The day was good but I was soooo sick. My throat was sore and still is now. I am not sure why. However, our pastor's wife was in the hospital and he was not able to be there. Therefore, I HAD to be there. So I made it through the day without anyone knowing how bad I felt. Nevertheless, I was still excited to see new faces in the crowd and really feel like the church not only held a great outreach event, but also had fun throughout the day.

I learned things that we will do different next year. I learned things that I was really glad we did them they way we did this year. I think we can just expand it from here.

The medication is kicking in. I think I am rambling. If anyone is interested in what we did and how we did it, I will be happy to give some details. But it will have to wait until I feel better.


Mark said...

I picked up the ClustrMap. It is pretty cool.