Monday, March 10, 2014

One. Weird. Day

Confession. I did not go to church yesterday. Not really. Instead, I had the Let me start from the beginning. My wife and I had some work we HAD to get done around the house and we were not going to be able to do it anytime in the next three weeks or more. We attempted to do the work on Saturday but, without going into a myriad of details, that was not all.

Sunday was a warm day and I viewed it as "having an ox in the ditch" and proceeded to take care of the work. So, we woke up and watch the worship service of the church we have been attending (they have a Livestream of their worship for those who cannot make it. I realize this is no substitute for the gathering together of God's people for worship and encouragement but for this day, it helped us). After the service, we began our work.

We had several dead trees on our property by the road and a couple had fallen over with some strong winds (see the image - it is pretty blurry. The red circle indicates the problems we had). We had one tree fall half-way down, and this winter another one fell completely down (you cannot see it in the picture). In short, we needed to clean these up so we did. As the first picture and the picture below shows, these trees were completely dead and I was able to push over the last standing tree.

So, we got that completed and made a nice pile of firewood for someone (see below). By the way, that is my daughter's dog, Scout, who must be everywhere I am helping me however he can. He is a good boy!

After completing our job, we went to lunch at our local diner. While there, we encountered a family whose vehicle had broken down - they had an "an ox in the ditch" also! So, in the course of our discussion with them, I offered to drive them home.

When I got home from giving them a lift, my wife was doing some laundry. We began to smell a strong bleach smell and she was not doing a load of whites. We looked in the laundry room, and the bleach had tipped over and spilled on to some wool socks. For those of us who forgot everything we learned about chemistry, bleach mixed with wool creates a chemical reaction called a neutralization reaction. Not only did the bleach-soaked wool socks get incredibly hot, it also created an almost unbearable stench in the house. We opened the windows and left the house for a little bit, making sure the dogs were in the garage so they would be safe.

There were a couple other events yesterday that I won't talk about that made the day just one of those strange days that seem to stand out. Nothing bad happened but just enough unique events to make one wonder what God was up to yesterday.