Thursday, August 07, 2008

I am so Proud of Her

I have mentioned my brothers on my blog but I am not done. My sisters are also amazing women doing great things.

My sister Audra is the coordinator for Smart Start of Bulter County (Kansas), which provides multiple areas of service and advocacy for families in that part of Kansas (Audra, if I have this wrong, let me know and I will change it). Here is her website:

Smart Start of Butler County

And here is her picture. You should click here, and then email and tell her that her brother is bragging on her.

Oh...and here are a couple of pictures of her dogs, Gracie and Georgie. Gracie is the older, white dog. Audra just got her new puppy, Georgie, who is the smaller, brown dog. I think the pictures tell the whole story (click pictures for larger image).

Love ya, Audra.


Shabby Poodle said...

You have it right. Thanks for the kuddos! I love you, too!