Monday, December 03, 2007

I Was Born With It

When was the last time your name made the top 1000 baby names? And when it did, what did it rank. Strangely enough, my name never rated high and fell off the charts sometimes in the 1950's.

CLICK HERE for a visual representation of how unpopular my name is.

CLICK HERE to gloat how popular your name is. Go ahead and post your link the in posts so I can see how normal your name is and I can continue to wonder what my parents were thinking.

Have fun.

And I am just kidding. I love my name. Really...


Mark said...

The boy's name Mark \m(a)-rk\ is pronounced mark. It is of Latin origin, and its meaning is "dedicated to Mars". Anglicized version of Marcus. Biblical: the Roman surname of John Mark, missionary companion to Peter and Paul and writer of one of the four Gospel accounts of the life of Jesus. The famous author Mark Twain (originally Samuel Clemens) took his name from the call of Mississippi River boatmen: "Mark twain!" meaning that the water was two fathoms deep. Marc is a French form; Marco and Marques are Spanish. Marko and Markos are Slavic forms. See also Marcel, Marcellus, Markell, Marquis, and Martin. Explorer Marco Polo; choreographer Mark Morris; New York governor Mario Cuomo; swimmer Mark Spitz; baseball player Mark McGwire; fashion designer Marc Jacobs; actors Mark Harmon, Mark Wahlberg.

Mark has 17 variant forms: Marc, Marco, Marcos, Marcus, Marek, Mario, Marius, Markey, Marko, Marko, Markos, Markov, Markus, Marq, Marque, Marques and Marquus.

For more information, see also related names Denmark and Mar-.

Baby names that sound like Mark are Marik, March, Mirko and Mirek.

Mark is a very popular male first name and a very popular surname (source: 1990 U.S. Census). Displayed below is the baby name popularity trend for the boy's name Mark. Click here to compare Mark with related baby names.
United States Top 1000 rankings for: Mark
Canada (BC), England and Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Australia (NSW) Top 100 rankings for: Mark