Thursday, February 14, 2008

GoodSearch is a Good Search

The youth of my church, Heritage Baptist Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, are working several fundraisers to go on an educational trip in 2009. They have taken trips like this in the past and they are great tool in discipleship and the growth of the youth.

One of the new ways we are trying to raise money for them is asking people to use as a search engine instead of Google or another search engine. When you use and choose "Heritage Baptist Church (Colorado Spring, CO) as the charity, we will earn about 1 cent per search. The site says that if 100 people use GoodSearch as their search engine twice a day, we will earn $730.00.

Will you help us? If so, use this link: or click the box in the right-hand column and then make that your home page or your main search engine. You will be helping out some great youth. Please do not abuse the system by making unnecessary repeated searches (they will block our charity if that happens). But a normal use of a search engine will help us greatly.

Click HERE to see the youth you would be helping.